Vegas, Baby!

So, for those of you who are unaware (although if you’ve read many of my posts or explored the other pages on my site, you should know this), I provide teaching resources on a site called Teachers Pay Teachers. Okay, to start with, this post is NOT simply a promo for my store (but of course, if you would like, you can always go check it out!). Instead, I wanted to share my experiences from the very first Teachers Pay Teachers premium seller’s conference: Supercharge Seller Success, along with some changes you will hopefully see in my blog as a result. When the conference was first announced months ago, I wasn’t sold – pardon the pun – on attending. I felt like my store was doing pretty well. I thought I was doing enough things right that I didn’t want to spend the money on the registration, the hotel, and the airfare. Thankfully, my husband convinced me to go to the conference. Up until the keynote speaker the morning of the conference, I still had reservations about whether or not I should be there. Once I got five minutes into my first session, though, I knew I’d done the right thing by listening to my husband (listening to him is usually the right thing, anyway…).

I was looking for tips to increase traffic to my site and, of course, boost sales. The mantra during all of the sessions I attended was universal and clear: provide value. I’ve been trying to do that through this blog, but I fear I’ve been doing a rather poor job of it. Thankfully, I’ve gotten so many new strategies that you should be able to tell a difference right away – as in, this post.

The skinny on TpT

If you are an educator, or know someone who is, and you have not visited the Teachers Pay Teachers site, you are missing out on a huge resource. The site has tools for teachers pre K – 12th grade, adult education, and even homeschooling. There are resources for every subject area imaginable, from English, Math, Science, and Social Studies staples to the lesser-highlighted classroom management, foreign language, and even resources for educators outside the US. Here are the most popular stores for some common levels:

Pre K – 2nd grade
3rd – 5th grade
6th – 8th grade
9th – 12th grade

Additionally, here are some great free products for different subject areas:

Social Studies

If you are an educator, you should be using TpT as both a buyer and a seller. No teacher salary is ever sufficient, and this is a great way to celebrate your creativity and touch the lives of countless more students than you ever could just through your own classroom.

But who would buy my stuff? That is the question I first asked when I started thinking about TpT. I was convinced no one would really buy these resources, because they would simply make them themselves if they really wanted them. What I came to realize, however, is that there are so many teachers who simply do not have the time or resources to make the materials they need, and so spending a few dollars to get something quickly that is high quality is worth it. Trust me; if your material works in your own classroom, it will sell on TpT.

I will be trying to get some guest bloggers lined up for my posts as well, since there are so many other educators who have even more experience and wisdom than I do. I will also be changing the way I utilize my Facebook page, so if you haven’t gone over there to like me, now would be a good time to do so.

I’m certainly glad I went to the conference in Vegas, and I hope all my readers and followers notice the benefits and changes as well. If you are interested in being a guest blogger, please contact me.


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