Football Freebie!

Well, the Buckeyes of Ohio State have started their season off right: with a win! Not only are Buckeye fans across the country rejoicing (and breathing a huge sigh of relief that new QB Barrett held up well), but all my followers should be excited because this means I’ve created a freebie just for you! If you are a classroom teacher, academic coach, or any position that works with ELA teachers, this is for you. There are Common Core question stems floating around, but they can get pretty repetitive. I’ve made a document with nearly 50 common CCSS question stem terms and synonyms you can use to make them more interesting. For example, a common stem is, “Which details in the text support the idea that…” But writing question after question with that wording can be boring. I give ideas for replacing these common words: details (sentences, lines, phrases, words), text (passage, paragraph, article, essay), support (advance, highlight, demonstrate), and idea (concept, message, theme, argument, assertion).


stem synonyms

Common Core Resource


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