Discovery: Naked and Afraid…aka: First Year Teaching

Have you ever seen the show Naked and Afraid? Two people are dropped in the wilderness with only one item – like a knife or something – something they chose. They have to survive and get to an “extraction” point. And then they get rescued. So, it’s kind of like your first year teaching. Except there isn’t a rescue. There’s just summer break. So from Discovery Channel, who brought you Deadliest Catch (also easily paralleled to teaching), here is an amazing website with all sorts of cool, free teaching resources!

The site has 3 sections: K-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

disc site 1

Each section has a similar set up:

Multiple options for a daily warm-up question; lesson plans for Science, Math, Technology, and Language Arts; and links to additional resources, as well as contests and sweepstakes to enter.

disc site 3

If you click on any of the links, you’ll eventually wind up at the search page, which is probably the best place to start looking for resources:

disc site 4

There are great activities, worksheets (can you say, “sub plans”????), and other things that make this site worth exploring. The lesson plans section is okay, but with the majority of school districts using specific curriculums, they may not be super useful. The exception to this would be homeschooling families. There are definitely great resources for homeschoolers! Also, I don’t have much experience teaching Science or Social Studies (especially at a high school level), so the lesson plans for those subjects may be useful. If for nothing else, the lesson plans on the site could be useful for remediation and/or extension.

One thing that I think is really cool is that because you can search by subject and resource type, you can find resources for a particular topic/concept/skill at various levels. For example, there are ELA worksheets that would be perfect for ESL students for acquiring vocabulary or vocabulary practice. And just to reiterate, these worksheets would be GREAT for sub plans!

I hope this website becomes a great resource for you! Be sure to share with other teachers! And if you like this sort of post and resource, click on the link on the side menu to “like” my Facebook page, where I post links to resources like this Discovery site several times a day.

Also, the Ohio State Buckeyes trounced the Kent State Golden Flashes on Saturday (66-0…woot!). As a reward for their effort, you will be privy to my newest Football Freebie! Be on the lookout tomorrow for the post!


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