Alphabet Soup: NSTA & NCSS

Go Buckeyes! Way to earn that victory! Freebie coming tomorrow…keep your eyes peeled!

Now, on to this week’s post. I promised I would follow up with some important websites for Science and Social Studies teachers, so, because I am a woman of my word, here they are.

For Science teachers, the association site is NSTA (National Science Teachers Association).





I spent a little bit of time digging around this site and found a different sort of “help.” This site has lots of freebies for teachers, but they are not “typical” lesson plans or activities. Lots of them are hard goods (CD ROMS, etc.) or even lessons to help teachers better understand the material they are teaching. There are kits, DVDs, and all other sorts of things to help teachers be more successful.

Here is the page that lists freebies

Here is the page where you can search for resources targeted at teachers (to help teachers better understand concepts, articles with the latest research, etc.)

For Social Studies teachers, the association is NCSS (National Council for the Social Studies).





There are lots of lessons available – you can search by focus/course and grade level. There is also a forum where you can connect with colleagues. It seems like the full potential of the resources on this site is available to members only, but any teacher should be able to find some useful resources. Memberships are $70-80 depending on the level you wish to have. There are also specific pages for the main grade levels (elementary, middle, high).

I hope that the information about these sites (both last week and today) was helpful for you! Of course, don’t forget that TeachersPayTeachers is also an amazing resource for all teachers, regardless of your content area, grade level(s), or experience.


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