Football Freebie! 10/14/2014

Here’s a great way for you to improve your classroom management – specifically, time management. This will also increase time on task. Come up with your top 5 tasks that need to be done every day – maybe it’s passing out workbooks, collecting homework, etc. Create captain positions for those tasks so that one student is in charge of that task. I have created a captain matrix for you to print and blow up into a poster.

captain matrix 2

I’ve also included a captain application for each position.

captain matrix 1

I rotated my captains every quarter. I used this system in my middle school classroom and it worked beautifully. The poster might be a bit much for high schoolers, but the concept will still work well. Having a student assigned for a specific task saves so much time – especially the “errand captain.” Whenever the office would call down for someone to come get something, I would have kids fighting over who would get to go, and I’d always feel badly because I didn’t vary who I picked often enough. Having an errand captain solved that. Elementary teachers do this kind of thing all the time, but it works really well at all levels. The product is in .pdf, but if you want to be able to edit it for your own specific class captain names and descriptions, just email me at and I’ll send you the editable version (.docx). I hope you enjoy!

captain matrix

Captain Matrix


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