Football freebie – Buckeye Sugar Bowl Victory!

Ohhhhh, my! O-H-I-O!!! I am still in a bit of a daze (and shock), but despite the odds being stacked against them, my beloved Buckeyes have beaten the Crimson Tide of Alabama in the 2015 Sugar Bowl! Go Buckeyes! And of course, you get to be happy for a second reason: football freebie! That’s right, I’ve created my football freebie for you to celebrate the victory. I’ve done something brand-spankin’ new: fonts. Yes, I found an online font creator and spent the day having (probably way too much) fun turning my own handwriting into a font you can use on your word processing software! There are 5 fonts: 2 that reflect my normal handwriting and 3 that are more “fun.” I’ve often gotten compliments on what nice handwriting I have, so I figure some of you might enjoy being able to use it as a font. Anyway, I hope it’s useful for you! And of course, there’s still one opportunity left for a football freebie this season, so cheer like you’ve never cheered before for Ohio State to beat Oregon in the national championship game on January 12th.

Free fonts 1-5

Get 5 Fun, Free Fonts!


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