We Are The Champions, My Friends…

I know it’s been a long time, and you probably thought I had forgotten – or perhaps was recovering from all the celebrating – but here is the freebie for the most important victory of the year! For a whole year, The Ohio State Buckeyes are the NCAA football National Champions! It is a good time to be a Buckeye! Thanks to the Oregon Ducks for a great game!

My five free fonts for the Sugar Bowl victory were well received, so I made five more. These are a little more fun, and could be cute for classroom posters. There’s even one that could be a fun game for students – all the letters are backwards! I hope you enjoy them.

5 Free Fonts!

5 Free Fonts!

Sadly, though, football season is over, but before you despair, I’ll have you know I am an avid college basketball fan, too! Of course I’m a big supporter for Ohio State, but I was raised on Kentucky basketball, so I’m a Wildcat at heart! Therefore, if Ohio State and/or Kentucky win their conference championship, I will make victory freebies for that. Additionally, if either team wins the National Championship (Kentucky is definitely a favorite for this!), I will post a freebie for that as well, so check back later in the season!

Finally, I am continuing my work on the CCSS CIM lessons and should have the 6th grade RL.4 standard CIM ready for next week, so if you’ve been waiting for it, it will be here soon! Have a great week!

Go Buckeyes!


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