Targeted Common Core RL.7.2 Practice: Theme

For those of you who read regularly, you’ll remember I recently finished my 8th-grade line of Continuous Improvement Model mini-lesson resources. If you teach 7th grade and you’ve been anxiously waiting for me to finish those, this will brighten your day! I have finally finished and posted my RL.7.2 CIM!

If you’ve never heard about or used my CIM resources, they use the research-based “model – teach – assess” technique. They are quick (10-15 min) mini-lessons that target specific standards. The only Common Core practice I’ve been able to find is general and mixed-standards. Mine is the only one I know of that does individual standard, targeted instruction and practice. It’s low-prep and easy to implement. I use literature in the public domain from reputable authors (like Kipling, Twain, and Poe – this resource uses 2 different works by Kipling), so you’re exposing your students to quality literature with targeted standards practice. It takes out all the prep and guess work!

If you’re looking for a quick, targeted, and easy resource for this standard, come check it out!